Struggles & Victories: Newsong Church

Struggles & Victories: Newsong Church

May 1, 2014 by

Newsong Church is an Assemblies of God congregation of about 75 in rural Arkansas. They were served by the Creative Missions team in 2012.

We have a large number of our congregation on social media and we utilize a church page as well as personal pages. So it’s not that we aren’t connected, but we would love to be able to connect with the public more and develop more interaction during service times. There is a cost to expanding and maximizing the outreach of your message even in social media and the budget doesn’t always have room for this.

The website the Creative Missions team created for us while here at Newsong has drawn people to our church and been a very useful tool for equipping.

Now if the pastor would just blog more like he is supposed to!

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CJ Brummett

CJ Brummett is the lead pastor of Newsong Church in Centerton, Ark. He's a husband and father of three.
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