Stuck in a Funk: How to Get Your Church Moving Forward by Tony Morgan

Stuck in a Funk: How to Get Your Church Moving Forward by Tony Morgan

September 26, 2013 by
Stuck in a Funk: How to Get Your Church Moving Forward by Tony Morgan

Do you feel like your church or ministry has hit a wall? Or does it feel like no matter what you do you can’t seem to make it over the next hurdle? Tony Morgan, in his book Stuck in a Funk?: How to Get Your Church Moving Forward, helps leaders know how to jump-start their churches and congregations to make huge impacts. Tony is a consultant, leadership coach and writer who is passionate for people and the church. He has served at Newspring, West Ridge Church and Granger Community Church.

Stuck in a Funk is a great resource you will go back to again and again. Tony offers very simple and doable strategies and methods that have been proven over time. This isn’t a book you can just casually read, but you will find yourself, as I did, setting it down to process and apply what you just read, and then coming back to the book for the next topic.

Tony lays out from the beginning that to get out of the funk you have to look at yourself, make changes and not to give up:

“The crazy thing about this is that there are many churches more willing to close their doors than make the necessary changes it would take to have a positive effort.”

The book is laid out in a natural progression to help you get out of the funk.

  1. Why Your Church Is Stuck
  2. How to Get Unstuck
  3. Build a Legacy of Leadership
  4. Communicate Through Change

So if you find yourself hitting you head against the wall, not able to get traction in your ministry or feel like you church has slowed, Stuck In A Funk would be a great resource and could be the kick start you need to more successful ministry.

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