The Future of CFCC: Interview With the Board President

The Future of CFCC: Interview With the Board President

August 23, 2013 by

The leadership of our nonprofit parent, the Center for Church Communication, is transitioning as Drew Goodmanson ends his term as board president. David Uribe is stepping up to fill Drew’s shoes. David joined the board in 2012 and is the director of arts and communications at Christ Fellowship Miami. We talked with David earlier this year about joining the board and we wanted to connect with him again as he takes the reins and guides us forward as board president.

So you’re the president of the board. What does that mean? What responsibilities do you have for CFCC?

David Uribe: I’m honored by the opportunity to lead the CFCC board. My responsibility is to lead the discussions on our initiatives and cast vision to where we’re headed. And I’m excited about where we’re headed!

You’re in this role for the next three years. Where is CFCC going in that time?

David: We’re brewing up some more books, interviews and resources. We’re also looking into some potential partnerships to best serve the church communicator. One thing is for sure, we’re not committed to any particular process from the past. God has done some amazing things through CFCC in the past, so I celebrate that. But I think part of my responsibility is to challenge how we’re doing things now and moving forward. What can we be the best at? What will it take to get there? These are conversations we are having as an organization.

What excites you about CFCC as an organization?

David: I’m excited about CFCC because we get to be an incredible resource to church communicators nationwide and worldwide. We are a firebrand of communicators, sparking churches to communicate the gospel clearly, effectively and without compromise. We want to help new communicators become leaders to help their churches be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities.

CFCC announced the Certification Lab this summer at Echo. What does “certification” get you? Why would someone want to attend?

David: The Certification lab is an intensive two-day collaborative mentoring conversation with several national church communicators. We’ll cover a wide range of topics including: creativity, leadership, branding, social media strategy, web strategy and design basics.

Our desire is that this Certification Lab would set the standard on what church communicators should know when taking on their role. Long term we hope that churches all over the country would want to send the person in charge of their communications to something like this so they would be readily equipped to serve their church congregation and church leadership to its fullest potential.

It’s coming to Nashville this October and space is limited, so I hope people will sign up now.

How has far has church communication come in the past decade and were do you see us going in the next decade? Does church marketing still suck?

David: I think there has definitely been more awareness about how churches can better communicate with their congregation and their communities. However, technology is always changing and we’ve seen some new platforms come to light in the past few years, such as Vine, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Are these tools worth using for the church? Where does a church begin? These are conversations worth having still, and we want to help church communicators navigate these topics and more.

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