Q&A With a Creative Missionary: Joe Porter

Q&A With a Creative Missionary: Joe Porter

February 11, 2013 by

As we look forward to the Creative Missions 2013 trip to Alaska coming May 17-24 (apply or give!), I got together with some participants from previous years to ask them about what makes the trip special. This time I sat down with Joe Porter.

Why did you decide to go on your last Creative Missions trip? What prompted you to go?

Joe Porter: Seeing the post on Church Marketing Sucks prompted me originally. I was completely intrigued and excited by the idea of using what little skills I have to help other churches spread the gospel more effectively!

What did you do while you were there? 

Joe: Our team worked with three different churches and provided anything from simple brand consulting to specific web redesigns. I personally focused on photography and video. I had the opportunity to shoot, edit and deliver a promotional video for a church in one day!

What has that experience meant to you?

Joe: It has made me excited about the local church in general. To see dozens of churches in one area with all different shapes and sizes with the same goal in mind: reaching people for Jesus.

Has that experience changed what you do or how you do it at your day job?

Joe: Absolutely! We always started the conversation with the churches by helping them identify who they are and what their brand image is. This has made me step back each time we start a new marketing campaign to really evaluate what we are trying to accomplish.

We’re thrilled to partner with Creative Missions (our nonprofit parent, the Center for Church Communication, handles the Creative Missions finances). Learn more about Creative Missions, apply to go on this year’s trip to Alaska and consider a financial donation to help church communicators help other churches communicate better.

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