Creative Missions Wrap Up

Creative Missions Wrap Up

June 1, 2011 by

Left to right: Chuck Scoggins, Pastor Grantley of Harmony Fellowship, Andy Burns, Brad Huss, Danielle Hartland and Kyna Moore.

Last week a team of 19 church communications pros traveled to the Albany area of New York to help 14 churches improve their communications. It’s called Creative Missions and we shared some of the progress last week. The team wrapped up the trip and shared some of their responses to week of communications work:

“The idea of deploying creatives on a missional level is genius—so many churches need this next-level jolt and just can’t afford it.” –Nathan Davis, Oklahoma City, Okla.

“After seeing folks serve this week—working 12+ hour days—I pray a movement is ignited among church pros to stop talking and start serving the church.” –Cleve Persinger, Nashville, Tenn.

“Technical excellence, artistic creativity don’t matter if you don’t communicate passion for the people you serve. Authenticity is foundational.” –Kyna Moore, Monroe, Wash.

“Helping churches communicate the message of Jesus in a relevant way gave new life to us all. Can’t wait to hear stories of transformation!” –Trent Cowart, Chicagoland

“We have an incredible message of an incomparable God. For one week the church came together to learn how best to communicate that message.” –Jon Rogers, Syracuse, N.Y.

“Fortunate to witness 15+ creatives who sacrificially gave of themselves toward a goal to strengthen the church’s communication efforts.” –Brad Huss, Charlotte, N.C.

“These ministries have vision to spare; they just needed someone to come in and help connect the dots. It was a blessing to fill that void.” –Eric Murrell, Nashville, Tenn.

“Creative Missions = the love of Christ. That love is bigger than a logo, website or a marketing plan. Creative Missions exists to show love.” -Nathan Dewberry, Baton Rouge, La.

“Creative Missions was more than a communications makeover. It was helping churches communicate the gospel in ways they couldn’t before.” –Phil Bowdle, Atlanta, Ga.

“I’m pretty sure that Creative Missions is the best idea ever. God’s hand on everything was very apparent. Every team was the best team.” –Andy Burns, Round Lake, Ill.

“The Creative Missions experiment was one of the greatest experiences of my life! It was amazing to watch the countenance of the people we helped lift as we did creative projects for them.” –Chuck Scoggins, St. Louis, Mo.

“It was humbling to be part of God’s work in NY with some of the most talented and gracious people I’ve ever had the privilege to be around.” –Matt Ralph, Lancaster, Pa.

“Beautiful display of the artist’s heart. Blessed to be able to speak into so many churches and take part in ministry with them.” –Michael Buckingham, Midland, Mich.

“It wasn’t about logos and websites. It was about building up the body with the gifts that God gave us. I’m in this thing for life.” –Danielle Hartland, Erie, Pa.

And a word from someone on the receiving end of the Creative Missions effort:

“Thank God for Creative Missions! We’ve had dozens of teams but none were better or had bigger impact! Their servant heart and expertise was a huge blessing to pastors.” –Sean Pierce, Director of Associational Development for the Hudson Baptist Association

You can read more about the trip from Media Salt as well as several of the team members.

A big thanks to the Creative Missions team: Matt Adams, Dre’ Barnes, Laura Bennett, Phil Bowdle, Montae Bryant, Michael Buckingham, Andy Burns, Trent Cowart, Nathan Davis, Nathan Dewberry, Danielle Hartland, Brad Huss, Kyna Moore, Eric Murrell, Cleve Persinger, Katie Persinger, Matt Ralph, Jon Rogers and Chuck Scoggins.

Word is the planning for the next Creative Missions trip is already under way, so stay tuned for more details and consider if you might be able to go.

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2 Responses to “Creative Missions Wrap Up”

  • Jason
    June 1, 2011

    I think this is a great idea! So often I just hear people (comm experts) talk about what the church needs to be doing. What I think we (and I do include myself) need to do is realize that many churches are so strapped by their ongoing ministries, for better or worse, and can’t really “get it done.”

    A communications mission trip, especially one that involves and trains the local church on site is a great way to be the body of Christ and do his will! Great idea, and thank you for it.

    Is there any way to sign up and do a “commission trip” in the future?

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