Expert Series: Church Marketing Heroes

Expert Series: Church Marketing Heroes

March 7, 2011 by

Church marketing heroes may not be super heroes, but they’ve still got super powers. We continue our expert series by asking about heroes: The people who challenge and inspire us to do something better.

Who’s your church marketing hero?

Danielle Hartland: Matthew Paul Turner: He’s calling us out on our crap, and I love it. We need to be better. Amen.

Paul Armstrong: Friend, talented designer, artist, writer and all around great guy, Joshua Blankenship. I believe he is setting a new standard for how churches can be effective, artistic and relevant in communication and marketing excellence over at NewSpring.

Cleve Persinger: Two people:

Brad Abare – Definitely opened my eyes up to a whole new world called “church marketing,” and how to do it better, in 2004.

Michael Lukaszewski – Current pastor of Oak Leaf Church in Cartersville, Ga, and soon-to-be Brooklyn Church, a church he’s planting in Brooklyn, N.Y. His outside-of-the-box community engagement/marketing strategies have inspired me.

Shawn Wood: The volunteers and small group leaders who use The City at Seacoast to tell our story to their friends through Facebook, twitter and that ever popular and effective spoken word.  They are “the music makers and the dreamers of dreams” to quote a famous confectioner.

Brian Gaffney: My church marketing hero is Jesus! In Mark 8:27, Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do people [the crowds] say I am?  Two verses later, in Mark 8:29, Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do you say I am? All of the church communication and marketing activities on which I work are an attempt to honor Christ and respect the results of his initial market research survey.

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