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2010_02_03_onlinesermonspollresults.jpgKevin Finn recently gave churches the challenge to get their sermons online. And we were curious just how many of our intrepid readers were already part of churches who make materials available online. We expected a big number, and we got a pleasant surprise.

83% of you are making sermons available online. Whether you’re a house church, a megachurch or anything between, this seems like a good move. It gives your folks more access to the things you believe and preach, and it allows them to stay more connected with your message.

Equally pleasing? None of you are putting your sermons behind a pay-wall. You’re making these resources available for free, so there are fewer barriers to possible listeners trying to get to your material. Kudos to you for finding other ways to fund your church and making your message available.

17% of you still aren’t putting your sermons online, and we’d love to know what’s keeping you back. Principle? Effort? Cost?

This week, it’s time for the you-know-what that we’ve covered before. And we want to know, will your church be throwing a party for the big-game-that-shall-not-be-named on February 7th?

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