Denominational Campaign Poll Results

June 30, 2009 by

Recently, Kevin covered the trend of denominations running ad campaigns focusing on branding individuals as members of specific denominations. For example, “I am a Southern Baptist.” Or, “We are Episcopalians.” But what are your feelings about these campaigns?

Eek, only 4% of you are huge fans. That spells some bad news for denominations looking to build loyalty with possible new members.

A bigger chunk of you are all right with them, but they don’t get you too excited. It’s not going to make you head down to your local Kingdom Hall with your bicycle because a few folks in a magazine said they were Jehovah’s Witnesses.

21% of you are right there with me–laughing your hind end off that these denominations are ripping one another off on a campaign based around individuality.

And, finally, 57% of you think denominational marketing campaigns suck. You think they ought to go back to the drawing board and not come back until they have something better. I feel like there could be potential for a niche site there.

This week, we want to know: How do you feel about the idea of bringing guns to church? Move your mouse over to our right sidebar to cast your vote.

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