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the-christian-walk Article
March 10, 2009

Mark Batterson: Church is a Tag-Team Sport

I love wild-goose-chaser and National Community Church pastor Mark Batterson’s blog entry this morning: Church is a Tag-Team Sport. It’s a good reminder of the powerful word of mouth, person ...

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technology Article
March 9, 2009

Next-Gen Church Sites

Alright church communicators, what do you think the future of church web sites looks like? The Chapel is asking that very question in a quick-hitting, single-serving site. It will take ...

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peer-review Article
March 6, 2009

Church Marketing Lab: 1000 Followers & Easter Fun

About a month and a half ago, we let you know that the Church Marketing Lab was on Twitter. Well, momentum has come quickly, and the Twitter feed already has ...

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demographicsresearch Article
March 5, 2009

Christianity Not a Default

Christianity is no longer the default faith for Americans, according to half the population. And apparently Christians are leading the charge in that belief. A Barna survey released back in January ...

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news-updates Article
March 4, 2009

Save Cash, Get a Freelancer

Like many churches, you’re probably feeling the economic crunch. My own church has certainly contracted some, and I know lots of yours have as well. Our Job Lab has certainly ...

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poll-results Article
March 4, 2009

Sunday Blunders Poll Results

You guys are passionate about screwing up on Sunday. Well, not screwing up on Sunday that is. Nearly 400 of you let us know what irks you most when churches ...

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philosophy Article
March 3, 2009

Mark Batterson on Church Growth

The lion-wrestling, wild goose-chasing, Church Marketing Sucks-supporting Mark Batterson had some insightful comments to add to our recent discussion on church growth. He talked about outcomes vs inputs in a recent ...

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building-design Article
March 1, 2009

A Church Helping The Church

Uprising Church is uprooting itself from its current meeting space at YMCA and moving … to Sunday nights only. Now, honestly I think I’d miss church on Sunday morning and at ...

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