Church Marketing Lab: Annual Reports and Quarterly Newsletters

November 14, 2008 by

It’s not only flashy postcards, sermon slides and intro videos that can be submitted to the Church Marketing Lab. Even something as mundane as an annual church report needs good design.

07-08 annual report
It’s a testament to dedication when even your yearly church report is submitted for design tips. If every church dedicated themselves to this sort of excellence in design, maybe there would be a few less giggles at the expense of church’s design abilities. (Exhibit 1: What if the Church Marketed Like Starbucks?)

And there’s more where that came from. Here’s a little bigger taste of what we’ve seen this week in the Church Marketing Lab:

This is the beginning concept for the series “Flesh” in December. Not your traditional Christmas series.

Christmas Eve poster/Bulletin
It’s about time for Christmas Eve to get promoted, and iwearbrown is on it.

Fall Messenger cover and article“>
Here is the design layout for one church’s quarterly newsletter.

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