Church Marketing Lab: Here’s to the Next 5,000

May 30, 2008 by

The Church Marketing Lab has officially neared, reached and surpassed both 2,000 members and 5,000 posts. That’s a heckuva lot of folks helping one another sharpen their skills. Here’s just a taste of what we’ve seen lately:

Q&A - Week 2 Questions
This is the one, the only, submission number 5,000. Congratulations studiomuntz!

H20 Church is considering some different logo options.

Brand - Organic Growth
Here is the first draft of an upcoming branding for a series on organic growth and the early church.

The 411 (page 6 of 6)
And for your entertainment, we have Church Marketing Lab post number 1, from our own Kevin D. Hendricks.

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One Response to “Church Marketing Lab: Here’s to the Next 5,000”

  • Kevin D. Hendricks
    May 30, 2008

    Oh geez, post number 1. Thanks for digging that up, Josh. Let’s keep in mind that it’s two years old and the publication that sample is from no longer exists. ;-)

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