Church Marketing Lab: Drawing Board to Final Product

February 7, 2008 by

In the Church Marketing Lab, it makes us proud to see a project go from concept to completion. We get to watch the entire process and even have the chance to help out a little bit. Here’s what I mean. Hopefully it will inspire you to be a part of what goes on over there every day.

Here are some original, hand-drawn concepts for a ministry, “Serve Erie.”

Check out the video promo for the series, “Enough.”

These licenses for ministers are revisions of a previous submission.

This is the final, printed version of a previously-posted shirt design.

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Joshua Cody

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One Response to “Church Marketing Lab: Drawing Board to Final Product”

  • danielle
    February 8, 2008

    I’m the “serve erie” girl. Just wanted to say that I think the marketing lab is AMAZING. It has been helpful to get comments, and encouraging to see the work of others come to completion. It’s difficult to get good criticism of design work in a church environment sometimes. The lab is helping me tremendously. Thanks!

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