Best and Worst Logo Redesigns

November 2, 2007 by

Judging from the comments and questions we get in the Church Marketing Lab it seems like logos have to be one of the hardest challenges for church marketers. But have no fear, the logo vexes every other marketer as well. Perhaps it’s because so much rides on your logo and everything flows from it (though Seth Godin would tell you the logo itself doesn’t matter). At any rate, it’s hard to get it right.

So here are the best and worst logo redesigns of the century. The side-by-side comparisons make it easy to see which ones work and which ones don’t. Though figuring out why something works or doesn’t work and how that might apply to your logo is your problem (sorry).

For more side-by-side logo action, check out Under Consideration’s Brand New blog. The commentary is a lot drier, but you’re not limited to only 21 logo comparisons. (link via 37Signals)

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One Response to “Best and Worst Logo Redesigns”

  • Brian Klassen
    December 10, 2007

    I don’t want to agree with Seth just because he is Seth…..but he is right. As I explained to a couple people here at the office, a logo is like a coat hanger. It’s what you hang your brand on. Nice to have a fancy one but simple works. I have seen way to many strong brands with bad logos and way to many weak brands with great logos to think differently. It’s your brand that makes the difference. The problem with designing logos in the ministry marketplace is managing the expectations of our clients. Designing an amazing logo is not the answer to all their problems. I’m not even going to go down the path of simplicity vs the kitchen sink and how can you put a dove or cross in that logo.

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