You Said It: July, August, September, October Comment Roundup

October 24, 2007 by

I love comments. I don’t know how you guys feel about them, but they’re generally more insightful than whatever we wrote in the first place. To those of you who share my love for comments, I apologize for not rounding them up in the past, oh, three and a half months. Here’s some of what’s been going on lately, in case you have a schedule not permitting constant watching of posted comments.

Firstly, we talked to you about a church mailout that was too sexy for the community. We asked you to let us know what you thought a good follow-up mailer would say. For what it’s worth, here was my favorite:

“Fine, have bad sex.” -Lex, on Sexy Church

  • “As per the comments about noise, here’s my armchair commentary: you’ve got a bunch of wacky, creative types (the kind attracted to conferences on the new and different), and you give them things to make noise with! Is it a surprise that things are going to get a little crazy?!” -brad on Catalyst: The Feelings
  • “In Alaska we just build a big ol’ igloo for the winter, and go outdoor for the summer when it melts…” -Todd Stafford on Moving Church Outside
  • “We spend 20 years of our lives working, 6.5 years eating and 10 years watching TV, but if you go to church for 3 hours each week for 70 years you only spend 1.25 years of your life at church. Do we really need to make it any faster?” -JD on What if Church was Fast, Fun, & Friendly?
  • “Hold on, establishing a vocabulary is important to all subcultures. It does set them apart and it does show them to be different from people outside of their subculture. And that is the purpose. I agree that it is important to be purposeful in our use of language, but that does not mean that we need to rid ourselves of Christian vocabulary. And to complain about language is a bit silly, because we will constantly need to update our candy-coated Christian words. Language is a living organism and it needs to develop naturally. We should not be afraid of our own vocabulary.” -Jeremiah on A Visitor’s Perspective: Verbose Nomenclature
  • “Reading all these comments … it’s like sitting through a 45-minute sermon. Can’t we make our Christian disputes Fast, Fun and Friendly?” -Mike Warnock on What if Church was Fast, Fun & Friendly?
  • “If this advertising brings to the church people who would never enter the church, I think it is brilliant! Maybe more pastors need to be ‘naked.’ It might make them seem more real and people may not be so turned off by religion.” -Peggy Hammond on My Naked Pastor
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