The Brand of Christianity

November 1, 2004 by

“What does the brand of Christianity stand for in America and what should it stand for? I think the religious right has captured the brand, so when a person hears the word ‘Christian’ they think anti-homosexuality, judgmental, angry, loves big business, feels the poor are to blame for their own problems, that sort of thing. This is such a gross parody or caricature of the image of what a Christian follower should be. So we all have some serious work to do when we think about the brand identity of Christianity in our world today.” -Brian McLaren (see our interview)

That serious work is what we want to do here at Church Marketing Sucks. When asked how to change that brand, McLaren graciously used words from our site:

“I love what you say on your web site. We’ve got to frustrate people and say the brand identity of Christianity that you are presenting is a terrible portrayal of who Jesus is and what Jesus is about. So that will cause some frustration. That will then require education and some motivation. Those are three good words from your web site—frustration, education and motivation. I very much agree that’s what we need.”

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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One Response to “The Brand of Christianity”

  • rick, a new life emerging
    November 3, 2004

    I don’t have the guts to follow Jesus so I settle for being a Christian.
    Christianity is a brand of religion. It is much like GM – with Chevy, Pontiac, Saturn etc. I agree with Brian it seems that the word “Christian” has to be explained.
    Rule #1 in advertising: If your ad has to be explained, it sucks. It fails.
    Rule #2: If your ad makes people laugh, cry, jump up and down, yet fails to sell the product, your ad sucks… it failed.
    The same can be said for our brand of Christianity. It it makes one not cuss, smoke or drink, but fails to bring about the reign of God in the world… it failed – no matter what your “ad” says.

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