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Advertising Icons are making news: Smokey the Bear, one of the most famous ad icons in history turns 60 today, and Advertising Week in New York City launched a promotional campaign featuring icons like Tony the Tiger and Mr. Clean in a run up to their September event that includes online voting for the favorite icon. Too bad they’re don’t have a least favorite icon poll — I’d like to nominate Arby’s oven mitt.

But with all this talk of advertising icons, perhaps the church should have its own icon?

Jesus would make a stellar icon, but the Messiah seems to be affiliated with generic spirituality. Plenty of people love Jesus, but they don’t make it to church.

How about Churchy the Church Mouse?

Maybe elevate Psalty the Psalmbook to church-wide icon?

Maybe Fiery Fred, the flame of the Holy Spirit?

Or maybe not. Cheesy icons and almighty God don’t seem to mix.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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One Response to “Churchy the Church Mouse”

  • Church Advertising
    December 13, 2009

    LOL!!! I love the idea actually. He needs a catch phrase. Smokey has “Only you can prevent forest fires”. That is how everyone remembers. In fact I am sure there has been some fires averted because someone couldn’t get the words of smokey out of their head.
    As for Churchy the church mouse I think your advertising efforts would stop short with a visit from mickey mouse and his lawyers.

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