Courageous Storytellers

Courageous Storytellers

We’ve been helping churches communicate better since 2004. We’ve written articles, shared ideas and been a champion for the church communicator. Now we’re going a step further and offering valuable resources and downloads for our community of members.

Welcome to the Courageous Storytellers Membership Site.

It’s chock-full of resources to help you improve as a church communicator. Included in the site are webinars, documents and templates, social media graphics, stock photos, books, discounts, and more.

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Each month we’ll offer new resource based on a theme. As long as you are a member, you’ll have access to the full archive of resources. So the longer you are a member, the more valuable membership becomes.

Courageous Storytellers also gives you access to other resources, including PDF copies of all our books and generous discounts from our partner providers.

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Our goal has always been to help you be a Courageous Storyteller, advancing the gospel story in your specific context, and the membership site is one more way we’re committed to resourcing you in your journey.