How to Help Someone Share Their Story

How to Help Someone Share Their Story

September 25, 2019 by

How do you help someone share their story in a way that they’re excited for others to see?

The first time I tried sharing someone’s video testimony, the storyteller said something that stuck in my craw. They said, “I was embarrassed when I watched my story.” That statement messed me up. Was it because I had done a bad job? Or because they felt insecure about themselves?

I don’t know—but it didn’t really matter. I was embarrassed that they were embarrassed, and I vowed to make sure no one would be ashamed by their testimony video again.

But in reality, what I’ve learned is this: Most of us are insecure about our story. We feel inadequate about how we look, how well we communicated, and even how big of a change we’ve experienced.

Telling stories affects the one who shares it just as much as the one who hears it.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about telling stories that minister to both storyteller and viewer:

  • Find the story: The first step is realizing that the stories are already there. Will you actively look for them?
  • Get to know the story and the storyteller: Share a “Stories Questionnaire” with the storyteller to help guide them.
  • Determine the best medium to share the story: Is it a quote, an article, a video, an in-person testimony?
  • Capture the story.

Get the full resource for in-depth tips on how to help someone share their story, including the Stories Questionnaire.


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