15 Steps to Move Your Church From Print to Online Bulletins

15 Steps to Move Your Church From Print to Online Bulletins

June 19, 2019 by

Print bulletins serve a purpose in the church. They primarily share information about upcoming events or contain space for sermon notes (or kids’ doodles). However, you might wonder at their efficacy.

You have a right to ponder. Bulletins get left in pews and under chairs all the time. People sometimes forego the bulletin at the door, participating in a weird side-step shuffle as they avoid greeters. Maybe the bulletin makes the journey all the way to people’s homes. There it dies, either in the perpetuity of the refrigerator door or languishing in a car seat or recycle bin.

That gives you little information with which to work, though. Do people actually read the bulletin? Do they act on information about volunteer opportunities or church picnics? You have no way of knowing.

That’s where the online bulletin steps in. With it, you can track how people react to announcements and church events. You can then use that information to refine the online format, leading to increased visits, interactions, and actions.

Actually getting from the age-old print bulletin to the fancy new online bulletin is easier said than done. But it’s not impossible. We can help you get there with these 15 steps.


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