Easter Is Not Your Super Bowl

Easter Is Not Your Super Bowl

February 20, 2019 by

If you’ve been in church communication for very long, you may have experienced what I like to call the Pre-Easter Pep Rally. It’s like a regular worship team meeting or all-staff gathering, except, given the urgency and “Let’s get ‘em” messaging, you wouldn’t be terribly surprised if your pastor’s closing, “Amen” signaled Gatorade showers and confetti cannons:

“This year, we need to BRING IT! We’ve gotta play like we mean it! I wanna see some hustle! You wanna win some souls, don’t ya? You’ve gotta WANT IT!”

If you’re really lucky, that particular team meeting will conclude with some fun mixed metaphors:

“This Easter, it’s all hands on deck! Let’s knock it outta the park this year! This is our SUPER BOWL, people!”

Oh, good grief.

And also—Easter is our Super Bowl? I mean, I get it: Easter is a big deal. Actually, Easter is the whole deal. But if we’re looking at our Easter worship gathering as the end-all, be-all of our church’s ministry— which is what calling it the Super Bowl implies—we’ve chosen a truly terrible analogy.

Here’s why: If we view Easter as our Super Bowl, we’ll be too focused on the scoreboard. The attendance scoreboard, that is. Putting too much emphasis on how many people show up on Easter (or to any other gathering) is problematic for a couple of reasons.

Learn more about the downsides of thinking of Easter as the Super Bowl and what we can do instead in this helpful resource from Courageous Storytellers.


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