5 Ways to Promote Easter Using Facebook Events

5 Ways to Promote Easter Using Facebook Events

February 13, 2019 by

Facebook is the largest social media platform worldwide boasting over two billion users. That’s precisely why Facebook has integrated into many facets of life beyond social updates. It is a place to share photos, watch videos, read the news, and discover local events.

Over 550 million people use Facebook Events every month to find fun, local events. By leveraging Facebook Events into your marketing strategy, your church can capitalize on this huge population and build awareness for your organization. Not to mention, attract more people to an upcoming event!

With the spring holiday quickly approaching, here are five ways your church can promote your Easter celebration with Facebook Events.

1. Create and Optimize Your Easter Event Page

  • Pick a short title for your event since mobile devices only display the first few words.
  • First impressions are everything so make sure your cover photo is correctly sized at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.
  • As you write the event description, be sure to include keywords like easter, egg hunt, live music, or other exciting attractions you’re planning.
  • Last, don’t leave out any details! Be sure to clarify start and end times, dress attire, and any other relevant information. Attendees will use this page as a reference guide.

2. Make Your Audience Your Biggest Advocates

Your church has a like-minded, interested audience standing by on your business page. Be sure to leverage these advocates and get them to help promote the event. Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content that’s been “shared,” so by asking your audience to share posts and items related to your Easter event, you’ll boost your organic reach and more people will see your content.

3. Cross-Promote With Event Organizers

Another way to boost your reach and get more eyeballs on your event is to cross-promote with other event organizers. Who else is involved in your Easter Celebration? Do you have a guest speaker, musician, catering company, or event planner also on Facebook? Add these as co-hosts to your event. Now your event will be advertised to each page’s audience expanding your reach.

4. Share Pre-Event Content to Excite Your Audience

Just because you built the event page doesn’t mean your job is done. Continue to add event-related content to the event page so Facebook knows it’s an active group and continues to promote it. Your audience will love seeing what’s in store for Easter by sharing things like behind-the-scenes pictures, polls, and other like-minded content.

Facebook also favors video content so create a few, simple video ads to animate your messaging. You can do it in seconds! Content like this promotes engagement and conversations, helping grow that organic reach.

5. Market Your Facebook Event Page Beyond Facebook

Facebook is big, but it’s not big enough. Your Easter marketing needs to stretch beyond one platform. Create an email marketing campaign and simply use your Facebook Event as the landing page. Next, spread the event to other social media channels. It’s easy when you schedule your social media in advance and with services such as Yala, Buffer, or HootSuite. Social media causes virality and shareability!

Make the Most of It

Facebook Events are a great opportunity to spread the word about your organization and attract new attendees. In fact, it’s a smart cornerstone to add to your marketing strategy since it keeps your business page relevant and active. With a bit of help with Facebook Events, you’re bound to have the best Easter yet!


Get more Facebook help this Easter with resources from Courageous Storytellers. We’re focused on Easter this month and Yala CEO Dean Levitt has a piece on Harnessing Facebook Ads, Boosts, & Events for Easter Sunday. Join now to get access.

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