Christmas Greeting From Anthony Miller

Christmas Greeting From Anthony Miller

October 25, 2017 by

Christmas is coming quick, and for church communicators that means scrambling to get everything ready. It can be a bit stressful. So we’ve got some video encouragement, straight from a pro in the know.

Watch as Anthony Miller, pastor of communications at Saddleback Church, talks about preparing for Christmas:

“There is a story in your church that God is trying to write. It is your job as a church communicator to identify that story and to tell it.”

More Videos Like This

This is just one in a series of Christmas encouragement videos we’re sharing with our Courageous Storytellers members every week (you non-members are getting a bonus—Merry Christmas!).

Join Courageous Storytellers now to get access to all of these videos, as well as a wealth of practical resources and tools to help your church communicate better. This month members get resources to welcome guests—and bonus Christmas resources—last month it was productivity, it was giving the month before, then leadership, design, bulletins, and more. Every month it’s something new—with full access to the archive (so yeah, it gets better every month). Learn more about Courageous Storytellers.

Christmas Story

In Anthony Miller’s Christmas encouragement video above he encourages you to find your church’s story:

  1. Start with story before style and creativity. Identify the story and tell it… that story should influence the way you look/feel this Christmas and what you do on the weekends.
  2. Tell your story. Don’t look at the big brands, other churches, or what you did last year. Start with Scripture and God’s creation. Invite the Holy Spirit into your process.

Can We Pray for You?

Finally, Anthony offered to pray for you and your church this Christmas, and we’d love to do that. You can either comment below or email us, and we’ll be sure to pray for your church. The work you do is challenging and can be discouraging at times—but it’s so, so important. We want to intercede for you.


Get more from Anthony Miller—he shared insights on leadership earlier this year:

Here at Saddleback Church we have this principle called “You’re it.” If someone, staff or volunteer, comes up and complains about something that needs to be changed, then we say, “You’re it!” Often times complaints reveal passion, and a passionate person is the right person to delegate responsibility to.

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