25 Things I Learned From Creative Missions

25 Things I Learned From Creative Missions

July 17, 2017 by

In May, I joined 28 other creative professionals in Bozeman, Mont., for Creative Missions 2017. This was the seventh annual Creative Missions, but my first time making the trip.

I’ve long been intrigued by the unique purpose Creative Missions fulfills. And I’d wanted to go for some time, but the timing never worked out. That is, until 2017. Here’s what I learned from the trip:

  1. Mission trips are not just for building buildings; this one is about building websites.
  2. Air travel can be a frustrating and lengthy experience.
  3. Montana is big and beautiful—the landscape looks straight out of a postcard.
  4. People love serving on Creative Missions; they come back year after year.
  5. The Church needs help in Montana—85% of Montanans don’t have a relationship with Jesus.
  6. Livingston, Mont., is the windiest city in the country.
  7. Lewis and Clark passed through Montana on their way to the Pacific.
  8. Bozeman, Mont. has laughably low crime rates; the local newspaper often reports on missing cats, jaywalkers, and teenagers playing loud music. Seriously.
  9. A few dozen dedicated church creatives can accomplish a lot in only a week.
  10. Drug addiction is a major issue in Montana. So is teen suicide.
  11. Ted Turner owns his own bison ranch near Bozeman. Thus, Ted’s Montana Grill.
  12. Montana’s nickname is the Treasure State.
  13. Ranching and tourism are the two biggest industries in Montana.
  14. Beautiful landscapes make for beautiful drone videos.
  15. Fly fishing is big in Bozeman. Parts of A River Runs Through It were filmed in the city.
  16. Church planting is a difficult process. We worked with several new church planters.
  17. Helena, Mont. has the smallest airport I’ve ever been to.
  18. The Biggest Story is a really cool book. Even if it is meant for kids.
  19. Montana is one of five states in the country without sales tax.
  20. You can create a brand guide within Canva to make it easy for churches to design.
  21. With only one person for every seven square miles, Montana is one of the least densely populated states in the country.
  22. In Montana, turkeys are called trash birds. At least that’s what the locals told us.
  23. Yellowstone was the first National Park in the world.
  24. Bison are huge animals. And dangerous.
  25. Creative Missions is an incredible community of people doing awesome work in cool places.


You can join a future Creative Missions trip or consider making a donation to support the effort.

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