Big Dreams for a Big 2017

Big Dreams for a Big 2017

December 21, 2016 by

I started writing scripts for music videos when I was 12 years old. Living in Oklahoma at the time, I dreamed of being a filmmaker in Hollywood, but music videos seemed to be a better fit. They channeled my love for music and desire to create other worlds, all within a timeframe closer to four minutes instead of 90.

Twelve years old is when you start to dream big dreams and to grow up.

Do you remember what you dreamt when you were 12?

Twelve years old is when you transition from being a kid to not being a kid. You still look like one and can often get away with acting like one, but it’s time to grow up. Time to be a little more responsible. Time to go from making choices to making decisions.

Happy 12th Birthday, Center for Church Communication

This past year the Center for Church Communication (CFCC), home of Church Marketing Sucks, turned 12. It felt a little awkward at times. We’ve been trying to figure out how to act a little more mature, make better decisions, and grow up a little. Sometimes our decisions work. Sometimes they don’t.

I’m happy to report this year has seen a significant amount of maturing as an organization. We have narrowed our focus on some key initiatives we wish to work on in the years ahead. I want to call your attention to three in particular.

1. Courageous Storytellers: Member-only resources for church communicators

We’ve been quietly working on Courageous Storytellers for the last year and rolling it out slowly to make sure it’s just right. The platform contains something for every church communicator.

If you disagree, you should buy a membership for a few friends, then drop us a line letting us know you want to be a resource contributor. Seriously, consider becoming a member. It’ll enrich the experience for everyone and give us a foundation from which to grow.

2. The Intensive: A two-day workshop for church communicators

Formerly known as Certification Lab, The Intensive is being refocused and reenergized for 2017 and beyond. The dates and locations for 2017 were just announced. We promise: You won’t want to miss this.

The Intensive gave me the direction and confidence I needed.

We’ve been humbled by the feedback from the last few years. Kathy G. told us, “The confidence I gained from [The Intensive]… was the turning point for me. God really used it to give me the direction I needed.”

So Certification Lab isn’t going anywhere. It’s just relaunching with new verve as The Intensive.

3. Creative Missions: Media professionals paired with under-resourced churches

The team behind Creative Missions is absolutely amazing. Their heart to create and provide sustainable solutions to under-resourced churches is so needed.

Wait until you hear the future plans for Creative Missions! They’re epic.

Thank You, CFCC Board

I want to express my gratitude to the CFCC board of directors and a circle of advisors for their continued wisdom, experience, and vision shaping. Chuck Scoggins, our executive director continues to guide the team and craft resources with dedication, skill, and humility.

We serve CFCC because we love the church.

No one does any of this because it’s a job. (We all have jobs elsewhere.) We serve CFCC because we love the church. We want to identify, support, and celebrate the next generation of church communicators, encouraging them to unleash their spiritual gifts and talent for excellent communication, so that people seek out their local churches.

Jesus, Our Example

Jesus was 12 once. In Luke 2, Joseph, Mary, Jesus, and their extended family journey home after the Passover. His parents travel onward, thinking their 12-year-old son is with them. When they discover he’s missing, they frantically search for three days before finding him, all grown up, in the temple courts. He listens to the rabbis and asks questions, prompting wonder and speculation about his knowledge. He turns to his parents and says, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” (Luke 2:49, NKJV)

May we all be about the Father’s business as we dream and help churches.

I never did become a filmmaker, but I still dream. Today, they are big, more mature dreams. I awaken to them, thinking and striving to be continually guided by Jesus’ wise words when he was 12. “I must be about My Father’s business.”

May we all be about the Father’s business as we spark churches to communicate the gospel clearly, effectively, and without compromise.

Thanks for being a part of this journey.

P.S.: CFCC is a nonprofit. It takes a little money to keep things going, and your support is always treasured. A $100 donation would be so appreciated this time of year. And thanks!

Image: Will Clayton (Creative Commons)
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