Better Church Communication Spreads the Gospel

Better Church Communication Spreads the Gospel

November 16, 2016 by

This isn’t just another blog, full of clever insights and helpful ideas. We talk about communication strategy and best practices out of a deep desire to see churches communicate better so the gospel can go farther.

That’s our mission, and we tackle it with so much more than a blog. We’ve got books, workshops, missions events, a resource-filled membership site, and more.

Every tweet sharing inspiring ideas, every book diving deep into how to welcome guests—even the digs at Comic Sans—it’s all to support churches in their mission to share the gospel of Jesus.

Everything we do supports churches in their mission to share the gospel of Jesus. Even the digs at Comic Sans.

There are churches desperate to share Jesus with their communities, but they don’t know how to get visitors in the door. They’re so busy sharing announcements on social media that the rarely offer hope and love. They’re so overwhelmed by the tyranny of the urgent that they’re never able to consider another way.

They come in all stripes—lonely volunteers and communication directors with teams. They’re pastors who want to share sermons on social media and administrative assistants who want the bulletin to be more than bureaucracy.

So we offer resources. We point to good ideas. We champion examples that work. We ask challenging questions.

All for the sake of the gospel.

And it works. Here’s what people are saying:

“Your tweets inspire me to be more intentional and engaging with my church’s social media. Seriously.” -Sammy Rey

“Awesome article! It helped me clarify my role and how much impact I can have.” -Maira Bay de Souza

“It’s great to come to things like this and realize you have a network of folks to reach out to.” -Kara Pearce

Will You Support This Work?

We don’t do this often, but we could use your help. Would you consider an end-of-year donation to our nonprofit parent, the Center for Church Communication?

If everyone in our audience could give $20, it would (along with the generosity of our sponsors and advertisers) allow us to fund our budget for next year.

A tax-deductible cash donation would allow us to continue to do the important gospel work we’re doing. That includes:

  • Church Marketing Sucks – Our flagship blog for over a decade, we frustrate, educate, and motivate churches to communicate better in order to spread the gospel farther.
  • Creative Missions – These missions trips for creatives provide sustainable solutions to churches who otherwise would not be able to afford good communications.
  • Courageous Storytellers Membership Site – Our new membership site provides ready-to-use, done-for-you resources to make it easier for church communicators to do their jobs. (By the way, if you haven’t joined yet….what are you waiting for? Let’s go!)
  • Certification Lab – These two-day workshops provide church communicators with practical tools to improve in their craft and more clearly communicate the gospel.
  • #cmschat on TwitterEach week we bring a community of folks together to chat about topics that are affecting the church communications world.
  • Books & Other ResourcesWe continue to provide print and digital books and other resources, offering thought leadership and practical resources to help the church.
  • Projects Coming In 2017 – There are a few projects we’ve got on the docket for 2017 that are still in development so we can’t give details just yet. But, we promise, they’re worth investing in!

Here’s the reality: It costs a lot of money to do what we do. We operate on a very slim budget with no full time staff. If you’ve ever been blessed or received any benefit from anything we do at the Center for Church Communication, would you please consider a donation?

We look forward to what’s ahead and continuing to serve you.

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