9 Things to Include in Your Church Visitor Welcome Packet

9 Things to Include in Your Church Visitor Welcome Packet

November 21, 2016 by

Looking for a memorable way to welcome new visitors to your congregation?

If your goal is to attract new members and boost member retention—don’t just tell them about church statistics and logistics. Offer a welcome packet that includes some fun information about who and what make up your church community.

Show them why they’ll fit right in and what makes your church special. You’ll find that new visitors will be more likely to stick around, get involved, and tell their friends and family about your organization.

So, what are some great items to include in a church welcome packet? Try a few of these ideas:

1. Welcome Letter From the Pastor

This puts a face to your church and helps to create a personal connection.

If visitors are not able to meet the pastor during their visit, use this letter as an introduction to your church leader.

Give this a very personal voice by including some fun facts about your pastor.

2. CD or DVD of a Sermon

In today’s digital world, video footage and photos can go a long way to make a positive impression. Don’t just tell new visitors what your church is all about—show them!

If you’ve got the budget and technical know-how, you could also consider putting this same content on customized flash drives instead of discs.

3. Visitor Info Cards to Fill Out and Return

If you haven’t already had guests fill out a connection card, this can be a good time to do it.

A solid visitor info card can help your church leaders get to know new visitors and their needs.

4. Gifts

Everybody likes getting a free gift. Consider freebies you can offer to guests, including T-shirts, mugs, pens, and more.

This is a great way to show your appreciation for their visit, while also spreading the visibility of your church brand.

5. Current Church Newsletter

This creates an opportunity for new visitors to come back again for a special event and get involved.

If you don’t still have a print newsletter, consider adding a copy of your worship bulletin, invitation to the next sermon series or a postcard explaining how they can sign up for your email newsletter.

6. Fliers for Upcoming Church Events

Sharing info about outings, picnics, overnighters, dances, mission trips, and holiday events will show new visitors the fun events you offer. You never know what event might catch their attention and get them involved in the right way.

7. Prayer Cards and Inspirational Materials

These can function as a nice reminder to hang on the fridge or office. Be sure to include your church name and website for subtle branding.

Involve your graphic designer to make these into visually appealing promos for your guests.

8. Photos of Services, Trips, and Events

A photo is worth a thousand words! Highlight a recent event that had a high participation rate, and new visitors will want to know more.

9. Member Bios and Stories

Let new visitors hear testimonials from other members like them. They’ll feel more at home from the get-go.

If the featured member is willing, consider including their personal contact information so the guest can reach out to them directly with questions.

Next Steps

In short, when you give a welcome packet to your new visitors, it can help with member retention.

Be sure to have a warm, friendly staff member available to greet new visitors and introduce them to others at your church.

If time allows, offer them a brief tour of your church and share some information about upcoming events. Ask them how they heard about your church, and what they’re interested in gaining from their visit.


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Kelsey Rankin

Kelsey has attended Hosannah! Lutheran Church in St. Charles, IL for over 15 years. Kelsey now works for EasyPocketFolders.com, a company that makes custom church folders for church marketing and membership needs and also has free printable church letterhead designs you can download.
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3 Responses to “9 Things to Include in Your Church Visitor Welcome Packet”

  • Chris Price
    November 28, 2016

    Not to be critical, but the idea of a cd or dvd seems very dated. Most computers and even cars do not come with a player for one. And who uses a usb drive anymore. I chuckled at that one

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    • Jen
      December 13, 2016

      I agree with you on cd and dvds being outdated but flash drives? They’re one of the most commonly used storage device in our time. Even cars nowadays come with USB ports, not just computers/laptops.

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  • Susan
    January 10, 2017

    Nice ideas. To me sermons in a gift bag are not necessary. We have included an invitation to “Be our guest” at the buffet, what is currently going on, pen, a few mints. I love the idea of a prayer request card. Include the info for your church website, they probably have already found that. Plus if you welcome guests warmly hopefully they will come back. One thing I’ve been made aware of are the terms visitor and guest. Visitors just visit but a guest may become family! At a wedding we don’t sign visitor books we are guests. Just a kind of mind set. See what you think using guest instead of visitor. God bless!

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