Opportunity to Offer Hope at Certification Lab

Opportunity to Offer Hope at Certification Lab

July 19, 2016 by

I’m sitting at Certification Lab this week listening to some experts talk about how churches can communicate better. It’s a fire hose for church communicators. Clarity, simplicity, connection—sharing the gospel with excellence and effectiveness (check out the tweets).

At the same time, our country is in a very divided and hopeless place. The partisan political strife and fear and hate and anger is exploding.

What’s powerful about #CertLab for me right now is seeing all this fear and anxiety in our culture, while learning how churches can more effectively share hope.

Churches have the answer to our culture’s anxiety. We have hope and love and meaning and purpose and grace and mercy.

Our churches simply need to communicate that message (the gospel!) with clarity.

Of course it’s not simple. The depth of content at Certification Lab clearly shows that. But doing it is so important. People are crying out for it right now.

I’ve said this before—churches need to speak into this election—but it’s becoming more clear.

Churches, you need to be communicating hope and love and the gospel to your communities. If you’re not communicating well, then your community isn’t hearing the gospel. They’re missing out. And you’re failing them. So learn how to do it better. Step up your game. Go to the next Certification Lab (we haven’t announced dates yet), join a local group, read a book, scan through old CMS posts, visit other sites—whatever you need to do.

The stakes are high and the church is not irrelevant. Far from it, the church is exactly what’s needed right now. So let’s take our skills to the next level, let’s connect with people, and let’s offer the hope and grace and love that people need right now.

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  • jason
    July 20, 2016


    “Our churches simply need to communicate that message (the gospel!) with clarity.”

    Thanks, Andrew.

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