Vermont: Creative Missions 2016 Wrap-Up

Vermont: Creative Missions 2016 Wrap-Up

May 31, 2016 by

Last week, 25 creatives from across the U.S. and United Kingdom gathered in Burlington, Vt., to create sustainable, creative communications and tech solutions for under-resourced churches.

Check out this highlight video one of our team members put together to give you a taste of Creative Missions:

It’s remarkable what the team was able to accomplish in six days:

  • 8 new websites or website redesigns
  • 17 logo designs and branding packages created
  • 33 print designs (business cards, invite cards, post cards, etc.)
  • 23 signs and banners designed
  • 16 videos created
  • 20 training, audits, consulting or social media strategy sessions
  • 5 photo sessions with 500 photos provided
  • 24 miscellaneous graphics created (event graphics, etc.)
  • 9 audio/video or IT installs
  • 20 documents, manuals or guides created
  • 81,000+ drone feet flown (that’s over 15 miles)

My favorite thing to do is to figure up how much money all of these projects would’ve cost if the churches Creative Missions served hired freelancers. Using very conservative freelance rates and a conservative number of hours worked each day, we gave away around $75,000 worth of goods and services to the gospel effort in Vermont.

That is phenomenal.

Our team devotional this week encouraged us to be in awe of God. It was appropriate because the scenery at our home base was beautiful and pointed to our awesome creator. The work of the church planters in proclaiming the gospel in Vermont—an area that takes pride in being anti-religious also remarkably points to an awesome God. Everything about Creative Missions is saturated with God and our ability to reflect back his glory.

Let me leave you with the words of Pastor Paul Shepherd of Grace Baptist Church in Whitehall, N.Y.—one of the churches we served our first year of Creative Missions and a church we were able to re-visit this year:

“What you are doing is impossible for us to do with the resources we have locally. You are making a huge difference for us. Like, seriously, I can’t think of a single person I would be able to call to help me with all these things you are doing for us this week.”

Creative Missions is wrapped up for this year, however there are still three ways for you to be involved:

  • Continue to pray for the pastors who are doing the important work of leading churches in Vermont.
  • Give financially to Creative Missions. We still have production costs to cover for this year and need additional funds to finance vision and planning trips for next year.
  • Watch for registrations to open next year and join us on the Creative Missions team.


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