Is Your Church Ready to Quit?

Is Your Church Ready to Quit?

April 11, 2016 by

That's How We've Always Done It: Is Your Church Ready to Quit? 166 Ways to Be a Quitter“That’s how we’ve always done it,” reigns in many churches. And they’re slowly dying because of it. It’s time for churches to quit.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new ebook to help churches quit the way they’ve always done it. Is Your Church Ready to Quit?: 166 Ways to Be a Quitter offers practical ways churches can quit what’s holding them back and pursue what actually works.

With our typical irreverence, the ebook suggests killing all kinds of sacred cows, from coffee to communion. Inspired by Bob Goff, who quits something every Thursday, the book encourages re-thinking and re-evaluating what churches have always done.

“I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me. But now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” -Bob Goff

You may remember we launched this idea of quitting with a series of blog posts last August. We shared 30 ways churches could quit and then shared 30 more. The idea resonated and we couldn’t stop at 60. We’ve revised and expanded those original ideas and put together 166 ways churches can quit.

The ebook covers a lot of content, including welcoming visitors, the worship service, strategy, systems, giving, technology, graphic design, social media and more. Each idea is short and concise, making for quick reading. The book also points to lots of articles and resources to help churches take the next step.

Here’s just a taste of some of the chapters:

  • #1: Quit waiting for perfection.
  • #2: Quit giving device users the evil eye.
  • #5: Quit saying you welcome everyone when you don’t.
  • #11: Quit caring more about how people dress than the state of their soul.
  • #15: Quit the cult of pastor personalities.
  • #27: Quit trying to be trendy.
  • #28: Quit being so old fashioned.
  • #49: Quit reacting.
  • #50: Quit winging it.
  • #65: Quit being the bottleneck.
  • #73: Quit working late.
  • #88: Quit meetings that are too long.
  • #96: Quit the offering envelopes.
  • #102: Quit ignoring your website.
  • #114: Quit using numbers to replace letters.
  • #126: Quit giving events cool but useless names that don’t describe the event.
  • #137: Quit complaining about social media.
  • #143: Quit the church signs.
  • #162: Quit politics.

It’s a cheap little book that offers real value for churches. Get a free preview with the full table of contents, introduction and sample chapters. Or just buy it now (it’s only $2.99).

What does your church need to quit?

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