In the Last Year: Diana Fang

In the Last Year: Diana Fang

December 28, 2015 by

As we approach the end of the year it’s a good time to look back and assess. So we’ve launched a series to talk with church communicators and find out what they’ve done in the last year and what they’re looking forward to in the next year.

Today we talk with Diana Fang. She’s the social media strategist for National Community Church in Washington, D.C., where she juggles 26 social media accounts. Diana also appeared on our last episode of the Church Marketing Podcast.

I decided this year I would say yes to any adventure someone invited me along to.

1. What’s the smartest change you’ve made in the last year?

I said yes to everything. I decided this year I would say yes to any adventure someone invited me along to. As a result, I traveled to Hong Kong and South Africa, did everything I said I would “never” do and crossed five things off my bucket list (including my very first live football game!).

2. What was your biggest mistake or regret?

I definitely regret not paying attention more in my C++ and A- classes in high school. It would make for basic coding a lot easier…

Also, I feel it is important to mention that Church Marketing Sucks Editor Kevin Hendricks feels like my biggest regret should be waiting too long to buy tickets to Star Wars VII, and thus not getting to see it on day it premiered.

3. What do you look forward to doing better in the future?

I’d like to be better about jumping on the trends and making them relevant without being overly cheesy. It’s a fine lineā€”one I’m still working on.

4. Who are some voices we should be listening to in the next year?

Bianca Olthoff and DawnChere Wilkerson.

Say yes to adventure

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