Leading Up

Leading Up

October 13, 2015 by

As church communicators we often find ourselves working with leadership that’s going in the wrong direction or doesn’t even know what direction to go. We’re forced to walk a fine line between obeying our leadership and also casting vision and direction for where we feel God is leading our church. It’s a process called leading up and Gerry True talks more about it in a recent Certification Lab (now known as The Intensive) video.

Sometimes you have to lead up in a way that helps senior leaders see an idea they’ve never seen before.

Gerry True talks about leading up:

“A lot of it deals with how we lead ourselves personally, because how we lead ourselves personally ultimately reflects on how we handle ourselves professionally. So leading well personally and how we set boundaries and how we lead forward in a proactive way in an environment where we may not even possess the decision authority to make those decisions—what are the ways we influence well in those times? Because we all want to make things better. I think everybody who is on this call including everyone watching, the heart behind what we do is we really want to make things better. And how do we go about doing that? To do that, sometimes you have to lead up in a way that helps senior leaders see an idea or experience something that they’ve never been able to see or experience before. So leading that process, how we bring about change and inspire people toward something new and different is what we’re trying to do when we have the Certification Labs.” -Gerry True



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