Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

July 30, 2014 by

It’s been a great month celebrating our 10th anniversary. We’ve talked about all we’re doing here at Church Marketing Sucks and with our nonprofit parent, the Center for Church Communication (CFCC). But have you met the team of folks who make sure things happen around here on a day-to-day basis? Allow me to introduce you to…

Laura Bennett
Laura oversees the Church Marketing Lab and the team of community leaders there. She also helps with graphic design, such as book covers and social media graphics. You can follow Laura on Twitter to see some of her inspirations.

Kevin D. Hendricks
Editorial direction here on Church Marketing Sucks happens thanks to Kevin. He also coordinates any other content we do, such as guest posting on other blogs, ebooks or PDF resources, updating the Events Calendar and more. You can say hi on Twitter, where he’s usually talking books.

Adam Legg
Adam oversees our social networks and makes sure that we are staying connected with you. He helps with scheduling, coordination, and overall engagement on our social media outlets. You can say thanks to Adam at his personal account, @AdamLegg on Twitter.

Dave Shrein
Our newest adventure, the Church Marketing Podcast, is helmed by Dave. Not only does he host the podcast, he also recruits guests, does the editing and makes sure all the technical elements are in place. Drop Dave a note on Twitter to let him know what you think of the podcast.

Katie Strandlund
Katie is our creative project administrator. She helps us with events—such as the recent Certification Lab—and general organization. She is also the point person for the Ad Network and our Street Team. Say hello to Katie on Twitter.

Chuck Scoggins
Hey, that’s me! As the executive director, my role is to remove obstacles so everyone else can do their work most efficiently. I’m also the administrator for our Job Board, as well as recruiter in chief. You can follow me @chuckscoggins on Twitter.

Want to Join the Team?
Would you like to join the CFCC team? We have some volunteer needs. We’re looking for:

  • General graphic designers
  • Writers
  • Social media curators
  • Web developers

If you’d like to know more, shoot me an email (there’s no obligation).

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