Developing a Series by Jonathan Malm

Developing a Series by Jonathan Malm

March 13, 2014 by
Developing a Series by Jonathan Malm

The sermon series is a tried and true method in churches today. So it’s about time someone put together a resource that digs into the process and provides a practical guide for all those who could use a little guidance. And there’s no one better to do it than Jonathan Malm. His new ebook, Developing a Series: A Guidebook for Planning, Branding and Marketing an Effective Sermon Series, covers it all.

You might know Jonathan from some of his previous creations, Sunday Magazine, Church Stage Design Ideas or Worship Set Ideas. He provides a wealth of practical resources for churches, and that’s exactly what he continues to deliver with this ebook. The nuts and bolts of the book are what you’d expect from a how-to guide. Although it’s a quick read, Jonathan goes into great detail and walks through developing a sermon series from beginning to end—the right way. Along with the ebook, Jonathan provides a planning sheet that can help creative teams through the process.

There were two things I liked about this resource in particular:

1. Purpose
Before getting to any of the process, he addresses the purpose of a sermon series. Whether your church is a series junkie or just testing the waters, the first two chapters pose some great questions for creative teams. He reminds churches to analyze the purpose of doing sermons in a series format, and to create with an eye on the end goal. He says, “Even the most cutting edge and modern things we do soon become lifeless traditions when we forget the purpose behind them.”

2. Practical
It’s not all theory and ideals. Those are great, but Jonathan grounds those with real-life examples that creative teams face every day. He says, “Learning to embrace the non-ideal situations will make you more creative and actually help you come up with brand new, innovative solutions.”

There is a lot of great information packed into this ebook. You may even find that you want to adapt a few ideas from it for your next series.

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