Churches Need to Embrace Change

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Our own Mark MacDonald has nearly 30 years of experience in communication and can tell you about change. He talks about the future of church communication and the importance of churches embracing change in this video from Tim Peters:

“The world is moving away from print materials and the church has clung to their print materials. The bulletin is probably the number one thing we talk about with churches…  In order for you to be able to take an audience from the print side to the digital side—they trust the print side, they trust that for their announcements and their news source and they don’t trust the digital side because the church has let them down. We have to make sure we strengthen that trust. Make sure material is easily found and correct when people find it.”

“The world’s going to change, the church communication world is changing and will continue to change. But it’s more important to make sure you’re changing.”



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One Response to “Churches Need to Embrace Change”

  • Matt Smith
    January 12, 2014

    I’ve helped revamp two church websites recently. The second has really engaged with Facebook links back to news posts on the church website. We’ve found our congregations have responded well to Twitter and Facebook as tools for news and communication.

    The biggest barrier I think that churches have on the web is that their websites look terribly outdated. I’m offering really cheap new church websites at any profits go towards helping me study theology and youth ministry in London.

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