Church Marketing Lab: 2014 Design Trends

Church Marketing Lab: 2014 Design Trends

December 13, 2013 by

2014 is almost here and iStock has recently released what visual design trends we can expect in the new year. Some notable trends the church should take advantage of: diverse women, hands-on dads, beards and mustaches, lens flare, multiracial models, men as machines, handcrafted vectors, shared experiences.

Here are some projects from the Church Marketing Lab that are ahead of the game.

Trend: Beards & Mustaches


Trend: Lens Flare


Trend: Men as Machines


Trend: Handcrafted Vectors


Visit the Church Marketing Lab to see more and offer feedback to your fellow communicators.

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Laura Bennett

Laura is a Georgia girl living in Chapel Hill, N.C., as a freelance graphic designer and communications consultant. She has served as communications director at The Fellowship (formerly Two Rivers Baptist Church) and is a Creative Missions alum.
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