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Sheri Felipe is a freelance graphic designer and writer, with a passion for branding and communications in the church. She currently lives with her husband in West Palm Beach, Fl.
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3 Responses to “How to Create a Brand Style Guide”

  • Roy Condrey
    September 25, 2013

    Great article and very important for churches, regardless of size. I recently created a brand style guide for the church I do work for. Once things started getting created by others besides myself it quickly became necessary. There was some push back but I addressed the concerns by explaining that the different feel and look that different people bring is fine as long as it stays in the main area of what we want people to see when they think or interact with our church, most grumbles stopped. Once I was finished with the brand guide I quickly came to realize that there are other things that will need to be added, so this will be an ongoing project where I will add to the guide as different situations arise.

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  • Patrick Callahan
    August 19, 2017

    The West Ridge PDF link appears to be broken. Could you update and repost?

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    • Kevin D. Hendricks
      August 28, 2017

      Hey Patrick: We got a new link from West Ridge and updated the link. Sorry for the hassle.

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