A Former Insider’s Honest Thoughts on Church

April 4, 2013 by

Former pastor and church insider Shaun King recently shared a list of 10 honest thoughts as a church outsider. We shared it on Twitter, but it’s too good to let it disappear into the fog of social media. Here are the high points:

  • Church nurseries smell. Empty the diaper pail and get some air freshener.
  • Adults who love a church will leave if their kids don’t like it. Children’s ministry matters.
  • Make the announcements short and sweet.
  • “The sermons are rarely memorable.” Make that sermon tweetable.
  • Church shouldn’t feel like a time warp.
  • Churches have no idea how to use people’s skills. Find a meaningful way to put people to work where they work best.
  • “I’ve gotten lost in every church I’ve ever attended.” Get some interior signage to point the way.

Read Shaun’s original blog post for more details and the rest of the list.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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One Response to “A Former Insider’s Honest Thoughts on Church”

  • Kristy
    April 10, 2013

    I love all of your points and recently wrote something very similar!

    The last point is so relevant about getting lost. I have found that this is much more than a signage issue (even though I totally agree!). People are getting lost in the crowd and leaving because no one ever “sees” them. Developing a system to welcome, direct and love on guests is key!

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