Q&A With a Creative Missionary: Colt Melrose

Q&A With a Creative Missionary: Colt Melrose

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As we look forward to the Creative Missions 2013 trip to Alaska coming May 17-24 (apply or give!), I got together with some participants from previous years to ask them about what makes the trip special. This time I sat down with Colt Melrose:

Why did you decide to go on your last Creative Missions trip? What prompted you to go?

Colt: I really wanted to go on the first trip, but wasn’t able to for various reasons. Hearing the stories of all that God did on the first trip, I knew that I had to go on the trip last year to Arkansas. To be able to use my gifts and talents to help other churches minister effectively was something that just resonated deeply in my soul. I was also really excited to reconnect with some old friends and make new friends who serve in the kingdom in similar roles as me.

What did you do while you were there? 

Colt: I had the opportunity to film a promotional video for a church that was going onto their new website our team was designing. We also helped in providing additional media content for the website.

I was also able to participate in a worship conference offered for local pastors and worship leaders. It was neat to see and hear the stories of how God is working in their lives to expand their ministries.

One of the most memorable opportunities I had was to take one of the pastors and his family for a photo shoot. To be able to give a gift like that was just really encouraging for me.

What has that experience meant to you?

Colt: God has used that experience to challenge me to think about churches and ministries in my area that could benefit from this type of service. It has also helped to gain a better perspective of all that God is doing to build his kingdom. That I could play a small part in what he is doing in Northwest Arkansas was encouraging to my faith. To see such immediate impact being made in the lives of the pastors and church members was so encouraging.

I left the trip last year already looking forward to the next trip, which we now know is going to Alaska. Awesome!

Has that experience changed what you do or how you do it at your day job?

Colt: Yes. I was encouraged to think more creatively about using social media to engage our congregation and community.  I was also challenged by the way we worked that week and how to implement some of those practices to be more effective and efficient in working with other ministries at our church. Some of the key principles specifically would include focused workdays with ministry leaders to define and accomplish needs in an environment where those needs are the only focus.

It has also challenged me to think about how I can work with other churches in my area to serve them and meet needs to help build the kingdom.

We’re thrilled to partner with Creative Missions (our nonprofit parent, the Center for Church Communication, handles the Creative Missions finances). Learn more about Creative Missions, apply to go on this year’s trip to Alaska and consider a financial donation to help church communicators help other churches communicate better.

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