Church Marketing Lab: Community Leaders

Church Marketing Lab: Community Leaders

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Hopefully you know by now that the Church Marketing Lab is a great place to get feedback from your peers on your work. Did you know, however, that there are also a group of people who are experienced design professionals who care about you in the Lab on a daily basis? We call them our community leaders and they are there to give you feedback, answer your questions, and engage with you. I’d like to take a moment today to introduce them to you:

Laura Bennett
Laura is a Georgia girl living in Chapel Hill, N.C., as a freelance graphic designer and communications consultant. She serves churches throughout the country . She has served as communications director at The Fellowship (formerly Two Rivers Baptist Church) and is a Creative Missions alum. She loves connecting people to a local church through words and design and desires to see churches effectively reaching their communities.

Joe Porter
Joe is a producer, videographer, artist, photographer, and documentarian. He is the lead guru at Innovatory Photography where he and his wife creatively document wedding moments as they happen, while also having an extremely boisterous time.

Steve Fogg
Steve is communications pastor at Crossway Church in Melbourne, Australia. He is passionate about sharing with the world what he’s learned over the last 20 years about branding, communications, marketing and all things digital. Steve often offers phenomenal communication advice on his blog.

Evan Courtney
Evan is a family life pastor and communications director in the middle of the Illinois cornfields at The Fields Church. He’s a graphic and web designer, communications consultant and bigfoot believer. Evan has just joined our Center for Church Communication team where he will be overseeing the Church Marketing Directory.

Montae Bryant
Montae is a designer, developer and production artist based in North Carolina. She has provided services to medium and large organizations throughout the U.S. and top CEOs and professionals. You can catch her on her site or at Visreal Media.

Matt Ralph
Matt is the assistant director of web content and digital marketing at Delaware County Community College, a community college near Philadelphia, and a former church communications director. His first career was as a newspaper reporter, where daily interactions with the copy desk sparked his passion for copy editing and grammar. In his free time, he manages a couple blogs he’s started and volunteers for a summer camp. You can follow him on Twitter and contact him through his blog.

Steven Wells
Steve is an artist who is known for his doodles on used paper coffee cups. He has a design background and enjoys helping others through his experience. You can see his daily doodle on his Facebook page and can follow his thoughts on his blog.

If you see any of these folks in the Church Marketing Lab, be sure to say “Hi!” And, be sure to leverage their expertise by asking them questions or looking to them for feedback.

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