Office Hours: Church Branding & Social Media Stars

Office Hours: Church Branding & Social Media Stars

March 21, 2012 by

Every week I hold online office hours and answer questions from folks like you. This week we’ve got a question about branding guidelines for churches and how to rock out at social media! Take a look and be sure to join me every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m. CDT for online office hours!

What are your opinions of branding guidelines for churches? Do you have any good templates or resources for taking on this endeavor?

My answer:

My opinion? Churches desperately need branding guidelines. Even though our message is spiritual, we’re still an organization, and organizations need branding guidelines. It’s just common sense.

As far as resources, ask some of the folks at the Church Marketing Lab. You’ll get some love. I promise!

Do you have any suggestions on creating a personal social media strategy? A plan for creating ‘something’? Heck or even a plan of attack for the day or just tasks in general? You seem like a GTD guru & I would love to be that person.

My answer: 

One of the best posts I have ever read on the subject is from Michael Hyatt. He pretty much explains what I do for myself (and Monk) on a daily basis:

How to Become a Twitter Ninja

Another resource I should mention is a content calendar workshop developed by MonkDev (where I work) that tells people when, what, and where to post. It’s paint-by-numbers. We’ve helped educators, pastors, nonprofit leaders and business owners build a content calendar for themselves and for their organization!

Thanks for the great questions everybody! Hopefully this information will help you get from where you are to where you want to go. See you next time in the office!

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