Church Marketing Lab: Easter & Beyond

Church Marketing Lab: Easter & Beyond

March 9, 2012 by

Last month we highlighted a few of the Easter artwork pieces that were posted in the Church Marketing Lab. This month we continue that theme as we see lots of Easter postings.

Easter 2012

Evan Courtney posted a design with a fun, celebrative and colorful feel.

amazing final

Alisha Ethridge’s post also uses bright colors and adds some flourishes for a unique design.

Easter Concept

Seth Sampson is going for a more elegant look with his key art design.

We are also seeing some post-Easter artwork come in.

The Same Power

David Raney has posted a draft design of a postcard for a series called, “The Same Power.” He’s getting some good feedback.

Great Day of Service

Kelly Allen’s church is doing a day of service after Easter.

What about you? What is your church doing for Easter and beyond? We’d love to hear your comments or see your work in the Lab.

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