Church Communicators Convene with Conclave in Chicago

Church Communicators Convene with Conclave in Chicago

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If you’re interested in taking your church communications skills up a notch, consider the Conclave Sessions in Chicago on Oct. 26-27. But it’s not an event for just anyone—you need to apply to get in.

A select group of a dozen attendees will be chosen to attend the Chicago Conclave Sessions and interact with Kem Meyer of Granger Community Church, Tim Schraeder and Josh Burns of Park Community Church, as well as several others. If you’d like to be considered for the Chicago Conclave, apply here. All submissions will be reviewed and you’ll be notified closer to the event if you’ve been selected.

What are the Conclave Sessions? 
Monk Development has created the Sessions as an ongoing church communications project. The Conclave gathers thought leaders and experienced church communicators to leverage best practices and talk through challenges. The Sessions are filled with individuals from growing and influential churches with something to say. “As iron sharpens iron,” Proverbs says, “so one person sharpens another.” This is an opportunity to share with and learn from some of the brightest in the field! To read more about the project, please visit the official website.

Here’s a look at what past participants have said about the Conclave Sessions:

  • “It was a great opportunity to learn best communication practices from other churches.”
  • “I enjoyed getting to have a ‘safe’ place to talk about some of the issues that I am dealing with.”
  • “When you get around people who are similar to you, have the same passions, or are just great people, you can’t help but be inspired. After just a few hours with the people at this round table, I walked away inspired. Which was something I really needed right now!”

As an added bonus, we’ll be sharing practical insights that come from the Conclave Sessions right here on Church Marketing Sucks. If you’re not able to head to Chicago or aren’t selected, we’ll bring some of the best insights from the Chicago Conclave Sessions to you over the next few months.

Past participants shared why they would recommend the Conclave Sessions to you:

  • “Great place to make connections with other church communicators. They would walk away with some great take aways and practical resources.”
  • “The connections you make with the people of the Roundtable will become priceless assets to your ministry.”
  • “It was a great way to have meaningful conversation with others that share the same responsibility as myself to tell the most amazing story ever told. If I can learn to do that better, why would I not want to be part of that? I made some real work related connections, but also some friends in the process.”
  • “If you ever have the opportunity to be apart of a legit roundtable like this, DO IT! Just being able to network with the other people like you who will be there is worth it.”

This event is limited to 12 attendees and there is an entrance fee of $300.

DisclosureI work for Monk Development and also lead the Conclave Sessions along with Drew Goodmanson, MonkDev CEO.

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