Book Preview: The Accidental Creative

Book Preview: The Accidental Creative

June 17, 2011 by

Todd Henry, CEO and founder of Accidental Creative, is coming out with a book on July 7, appropriately entitled The Accidental Creative.  In the book, Henry discusses the “the dynamics of organizational creativity and teaches simple practices that help you unlock brilliant ideas and establish a rhythm that supports your creative process.”

In it you’ll learn how to master focus, develop relationships that stimulate creativity, manage your energy and time, and more usable information to help you be the most creative you can be. It sounds like it’s right up a church communicator’s ally, especially after reading the first paragraph:

“We’re compensated for the ideas we generate, the value we create, and the problems we solve, and though we may be good at what we do, many of us may feel at least a little out of touch with the mysterious process by which any of this happens. On some days, ideas spring forth effortlessly, and we feel poised to attack any problem that comes our way. On others, we struggle with a single obstacle without any significant momentum. It can be frustrating to be held responsible for something we have so little control over, especially in the marketplace, where our career success is directly tied to our ability to generate great ideas consistently.”

If you want to read the rest of the (free) chapter that’s available to download, check the book’s website.

The best part of this book release is the amazing promotional giveaway that Wasabi Gospel author Shawn Wood is doing. The prizes are a free small-group 60-minute coaching session for 20 lucky winners to help them implement the principles in the book and one person will win a 60-minute solo coaching session with Todd Henry. To enter the drawing, you need to pre-purchase The Accidental Creative between now and June 30 and send your receipt to Shawn (details on his site).

Todd is even throwing in a free download of his 11-part Manifesto audio series ($20 value) to everyone who sends him a receipt.

So, go! Win stuff and get accidentally creative!

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