Expert Series: One-Sentence Advice

Expert Series: One-Sentence Advice

March 14, 2011 by

We all need and advice and short advice is even better. Our expert series continues as we ask for a short sound byte of advice.

What one sentence piece of advice would you give to church marketers?

Brian Gaffney: Commit your communication to the six c’s: be clear, compassionate, compelling, concise, consistent and creative.

Cleve Persinger: Step out of the role of promoter and into equipper by providing tools and remarkable experiences to help folks engage their circles of influence and get back to relationships.

Katie Strandlund: Don’t lose authenticity in an attempt to be strategic.

Shawn Wood: Communicate who you are and not who you want to be and in doing so your story will easily convince everyone that we all need Jesus.

Danielle Hartland: Don’t do marketing for the sake of marketing: Do marketing because it brings legitimacy to the one-on-one conversations that your people are having in their relational circles.

Paul Armstrong: If you’re not realistic about your identity as a church, you’ll never communicate effectively (in other words, don’t try being some other church you admire, know your church: the people, the area, etc).

DJ Chuang: Don’t suck.

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