Most Hotly Debated Posts of 2010

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The new year is in sight and it’s time for a nostalgic look back at 2010. We’ll start with the blog posts that generated the most discussion. So here are the most hotly debated posts of 2010*:

5) A Christmas Billboard War Between Catholics and Atheists – 27 comments
An end-of-the-year comment surge with a classic debate between Christians and Atheists over billboard advertising.

4) Churches Aren’t Paying Attention on Twitter – 32 comments
Another late-year entry with an eye-opening experiment showing that most churches on Twitter aren’t listening. Not exactly encouraging news, but if you need help with your social media strategy, check out our interview with our own social media guru, Justin Wise.

3) Why the Church is Losing to Lost – 33 comments
Remember Lost? The series finale of Lost was the big to do back in May and we posed the question of why people get more excited about a TV show than church.

2) Homeless Advocate Mark Horvath on Church Marketing – 36 comments
Our conversation with the founder of generated lots of discussion about preaching with words.

And the most hotly debated post of 2010 is…

1) WTF Church – 55 comments
A church that used the profane acronym “WTF” as an integral part of their marketing prompted the most debate in 2010.

* Two posts actually generated more comments than all of these, but commenting to win free tickets for Echo and Catalyst wasn’t exactly a raging debate (though oddly both of those posts had 84 comments).

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