Communication Channel Thanksgiving Poll Results

November 30, 2010 by
Communication Channel Thanksgiving Poll Results

Those of you who are reading this, like me, have plenty to be thankful for. And your churches likely have tons to be thankful for as well, even if it hasn’t been the best of years. But we wanted to specifically know what church communication channel you’ve been most thankful for in 2010. And, honestly, the winner wasn’t much of a surprise. Here is what you had to say:

A quarter of you are most thankful for social media. Facebook, Twitter and other channels have been huge for your church this year, as you engage like never before. But maybe not as big as they could have been. Keep your eye on Church Marketing Sucks over the next week for an interesting experiment on churches and social media.

Next up, 21% of those who responded are most thankful for their own church website. You’ve seen great results from posting more content and making media available. Tied with those are the group of folks most grateful for word of mouth. You’ve lit up the grapevine this year with some viral marketing (whether purposeful or accidental), and you won’t forget it when you look back on 2010.

Next up, 13% of you are thankful for old reliable, the church bulletin. Without it, no one would know anything about your church and what’s going on, so hey, might as well be grateful. And another 13% are thanking God for something we didn’t list. So let’s hear it in the comments—what is it?

Rounding out the list are the stragglers that are thankful for old-school tactics like billboard and handouts and those who are just glad for the resources they’ve been connected with.

This week, we’re going to talk about our recent interview with Mark Horvath, which got a lot of commenters fired up. We want to know, what’s your favorite Mark Horvath sound bite from his recent Q&A with us?

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