Church Marketing Directory: Help for Struggling Churches & Canadian Churches, Too

Church Marketing Directory: Help for Struggling Churches & Canadian Churches, Too

October 22, 2010 by

We’ve seen plenty of activity¬†in the Church Marketing Directory since our last update,¬†and we’d be remiss not to keep you up-to-date. If you’ve never visited, it’s a one-stop-spot for resources tailored to your local church. We’re 400 links strong already, from design to leadership to writing. Here are just a few examples of the group of resources we’ve pushed live since our last update:

  • Small Beginnings helps new or struggling churches achieve a presence online, for totally free.
  • Brandbuilder helps senior clergy connect its vision and mission to objectives that ministerial and lay members can act on.
  • Church OS is based out of Vancouver, Canada, and helps churches build websites that engage their community online.

Know of a resource that could help local churches? Suggest a link. It’ll only take a couple minutes, and local churches could reap great rewards. And don’t hesitate to e-mail your local pastor and church communicators to share the Church Marketing Directory with them!

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One Response to “Church Marketing Directory: Help for Struggling Churches & Canadian Churches, Too”

  • Bertie Williams
    December 15, 2010

    Supplementary Angles Of Community Services, Inc.

    As the director of this organization I am looking to lease space in a struggling church. My organization provides the basics to families and individuals so that they may maintain their standards of living. I’m finding it difficult to lease space but I can afford to lease a small but adequate room to store our food. We need space that will meet the qualifications of the 2nd Harvest Food Bank and others in the proper storage of food. We are not seeking to operate from the space just to store food there. If we can find such a place then we can continue to conduct monthly GiveAways. We can also provide the basics to the church congregation and their friends and family members in addition to leasing their space. This will help to bring in new members for the church. We are certainly looking to work hard to make this a win-win situation for both parties involved. We would love to help them grow their church.
    This is something we need to be able to start on in January of 2011.
    Bertie Williams 763-424-4984

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