Church Marketing Lab: Father’s Day, Flyers, and Series Graphics

May 21, 2010 by

If you haven’t been keeping up, there’s been plenty of action in the Church Marketing Lab lately. With summer comes events, planning, thought and graphics. If you’re trying to dream up ideas or working on graphics, check out the photo pool or discussion board for ideas or feedback. Here are a few of the works we’ve seen come through recently:

Rejoice is a college Bible study on Phillipians looking for a feel.


This graphic is in preparation for Father’s Day.

Father's Day

Dear Church, Love God is the series title, and this is the main graphic in progress. Check out all the revisions!

Dear Church Love God

This graphic is for Unstoppable, an upcoming summer series.


It’s not all photographs, however. Don’t miss great discussions about visitor packets, church communication salaries and design police. If you’re looking to interact with other church marketers, the Church Marketing Lab is the place to go!

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