Lord, Save Us From Your Followers

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2009_09_27_lordsaveus.jpgThis weekend, my wife and I ventured out to the Portland screening of Lord, Save Us From Your Followers after some high praises from our own Brad Abare and friend of Church Marketing Sucks, Mark Horvath. Maybe I was afraid it’d be just another apology, maybe I was afraid it would just plain stink, or maybe I was scared of the web site’s gratuitous use of Papyrus, but I wasn’t so excited going in to it.

But the actual film put any of my worries to rest.

If you’re not familiar with the movie, I’ll give you a quick synopsis. A pastor from Portland puts on a white suit with tons of religious bumper stickers and magnetic fish, then he heads across the country interviewing people about their perception of Christianity and Christ.

Pastor Dan Merchant does his share of hilarious finger-pointing at mind-numbingly absurd efforts by the church. But even better, he tells the moving stories of churches that are healing wounds, loving the unlovable and truly making a difference.

It’s the type of movie that will leave you reflecting on your own faith and positions and challenge you to make changes for the better. And not just that, it’s the type of movie you can bring friends to who wouldn’t normally step foot into a church. After wards, you’ll probably have conversations you never thought were possible.

For me, the movie was both convicting and encouraging. I’d rate it as a must-see for anyone who is trying to live like Jesus or is involved in this little thing we call church marketing.

On Oct. 2 Lord, Save Us opens in five more cities.

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2 Responses to “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers”

  • Michael Buckingham
    September 29, 2009

    I had the chance to hear Dan at NRB earlier this year and am really hoping this will show someplace nearby. When it does I will most certainly be shouting from the rooftops for Christians, especially leaders, to see this movie.

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  • Marshall Jones Jr.
    October 3, 2009

    Thanks for the nod. I hadn’t even heard of the movie. It’s not coming to any theaters near me, but I’ll try to look it up once it’s available on DVD.
    Marshall Jones Jr.

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