Church Marketing Lab: Worship logos to 80-Year-Old Mailers

January 29, 2009 by

We’re always overwhelmed to find that some members in the Church Marketing Lab don’t even know what Church Marketing Sucks is. And vice versa. Surely some of you stumble upon us through Google or one of the kind folks who links to our site, and you have no idea what a Church Marketing Lab is.

Well, it’s the place where church marketing becomes more than a blog you read. You can give advice and get advice from tons of peers in order to help the church. As of writing this, 2,864 members have submitted 7,173 items to the Church Marketing Lab. That’s a thriving community, and it’s a community we’re committed to supporting and encouraging.

That said, here is a bit of the art that we’ve seen passing through the Church Marketing Lab this week. It’s not necessarily the best of the best, and it’s not the worst of the worst–it’s a taste of the what’s happening in the Lab. And if you’re not involved yet, head on over and start participating!

Preflight is this church’s worship service team, and they are working on a new logo.

Over 80? Want brunch? Check out this postcard for the “Four Score and More” group.
Brunch Postcard

This stationery is designed for more of the under-80 crowd.

COGS, a junior high service team, is working on a new t-shirt design.
cogs2 (Small)

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